Crab feast with my family
Anonymous said:  You seem like a mean person

You would be surprised by how nice I am

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Anonymous said:  We hate you but the dick looks good lol

LMMFAO thank you I think

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Sometimes u just be takin flicks wit nobody to send em to.
Those the rainy day flicks b

Never heard of it 


What if you was having sex with someone and they moaned “bruh” or “nigga”

Nigga is cool. Bruh….. Nah

My photos forever reblogged

So either yall selfish and dont wanna share me with your followers OR im ugly but you find me oddly attractive but dont want people to know that you do


i just want little dark brown babies with halos of kinky hair and beautiful brown eyes to run around smelling like coconut oil and shea butter

calling me mommy

asking for apple slices and a bed time story



I was looking at that girls blog that was all “we need genetic diversity because black+black is genetic incest”

 and her blog is filled with people saying that, as a mixed person, “they agree” and stating what they were mixed with and I’m hurling

Genetic incest?!?!?!?


Get them lil pale ass butt cheeks off my Dash clarknokent